Henna Huddle 2021 Hotel Rooms

Henna Huddle 2021 Hotel Rooms

In this category, you can book a room at the conference hotel at a special rate not available elsewhere.

There are different options to select.


Single room. Priced per night and includes breakfast. £99 per night.

Twin room (two single beds). Priced per night and includes breakfast. £110 per night.

Double room (one double size bed). Priced per night and includes breakfast. £110 per night.


It may be possible that another attendee might wish to share a room this is a great way to keep costs down and meet new friends.

The person sharing the room MUST be a ticket holder for the conference or a spouse/partner that is or is not attending the conference**

If you are looking to share a room and do not have anyone to share with yet then please email [email protected] or post on our Facebook pages where other delegates can respond to you.

Please note that room shares are not 100% guaranteed and we may not be able to match you with someone. In this event, you will have to purchase a single room.

If you purchase a room without anyone to share with and cannot find anyone to share with then you will be liable for the full amount. 

In order for both persons to be able to access the room then we will need both names this also includes spouses.

The easiest method is one person book a room through the website and pay online and then arrange the funds between yourselves. 

If that is not possible then we can arrange split payments please contact us at [email protected]

*pictures are for display purposes only and the room may vary.
**spouses/partners are welcome however if they are not conference ticket holders they will not be allowed in the conference facilities at any time.

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