Terms and Conditions

Ticket Sales Terms and Conditions Revised January 2018

Purchasing Tickets

1. All ticket sales are for personal use unless agreed with ourselves that the ticket can be transferred to another party. Transfers are allowed under the following conditions:

1.a That the ticket is sold for no more than paid for including Early Bird Ticket prices or discounted ticket prices.
1.b You agree that with the transfer of the ticket you have no right to attend the event and agree that if you attempt to enter the event at any time that you can be removed.

1.c The full name and address details of the person that you are transferring the ticket too will be given to ourselves for security and admission purposes.
1.d Any breach of the above will entitle ourselves to cancel the tickets without notification, refund, compensation or liability.
2. In addition to the ticket price, you may require payment of a booking fee per ticket, a transaction fee per purchase and/or supplementary fees which may apply to the event. Those fees are non-refundable except as set out in paragraphs detailing refunds below. Any such additional fees are shown at the time of booking and no further fees once a ticket has been purchased are charged.
3. To prevent fraud and for security, at your arrival at the event we may carry out checks and/or you may be asked to provide additional information such as photo ID. Any suspect of fraud will result in cancellation of a ticket purchase.
4. You must inform us of any change in details that you may have so that we can continue to contact you with any changes or updates to the event. You are responsible for ensuring that you receive emails from ourselves and checking junk/spam filters and inboxes.
5. A ticket order is not complete until you receive notification of acceptance by ourselves. All website, printed and social media information is checked as thoroughly as possible however any mistakes on prices for an event may result in a ticket being cancelled and refunded including any fees with the option to re-book at the correct price.

6. The event may be filmed, photographed or recorded. Purchase of a ticket affirms your consent to the filming, photography and recording of yourself as an attendee at the event. If you have any objection to this please contact us as quickly as possible.
Delivery and Collection
7. All our events are e-tickets. No ticket is supplied or printed. We use the name of the ticket buyer unless informed otherwise to identify on arrival at the event the person who has purchased the ticket. If you are purchasing for someone else you must inform us as soon as possible so that it can be noted on the ticket information. 

8. If you require to pick up your ticket at the venue then you will need to bring proof of purchase detailing your transaction number and purchase.

Cancellation Rights and Refunds

9. Tickets, as detailed in paragraph 1, are for personal use but can be transferred under the conditions detailed in paragraph 1. They cannot be refunded for any other reason other than for reasons set out below.
10. If the event does not take place.

10.a Cancellation by the venue is covered by our agreement and contract with the venue and a ticket purchase will be refunded in full although this may exclude any fees incurred by the transaction during purchase. Should such fees be recoverable then they will also be refunded. The venue itself is unable to refund you direct for ticket purchases.  Events where accommodation has been booked with the venue you will need to contact the venue for refunds of such bookings. We are unable to discuss accommodation bookings and refunds of such bookings nor are we responsible for any travel, goods or services that you may incur.

10.b Cancellation by ourselves will result in a full refund including any fees. This excludes any other costs such as goods, services, travel or accommodation that you may have booked or any compensation of any kind.

11. If an event is rescheduled, changed or moved, we will attempt to give the option of either retaining or exchanging tickets for the new date/location or alternatively offer a refund. This may exclude any fees incurred during the purchase of tickets should they not be recoverable.
12. Attendance is the responsibility of the ticket holder. Being unable to attend all or part of the event is not the liability of ourselves or the venue and does not entitle the ticket holder to any refund of any kind including what would be considered as part refunds. If an event covers more than one day and single day tickets are not available then refunds are not applicable for any day or part of that you cannot attend.

13. If for any reason you are entitled to a refund and you have received your e-ticket then this must be destroyed. All tickets are name and address matched should the ticket be passed to a third party without our notification then we may refuse entry to the event and any entitlement to a refund will be refused.

14. Refunds will be paid using the same method to purchase and within 30 days of the request being received and approved by ourselves. 

15. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions applicable to the tickets, the venue or event.

Attending the Event

16. Admission to the event is at all times subject to any terms, conditions or rules of ourselves and the venue. If you breach those terms, conditions or rules then we or the venue may refuse admission or require yourself or other ticket holders to leave the event and venue.

17. Compliance is required with all health and safety rules and any security requirements including security searches for the safety of all others attending the event. Ourselves and the venue have the right to refuse admission or eject you in circumstances where you or other ticket holders are in breach of terms and conditions of the event or venue. This includes but is not limited too:

17.a Abusive or threatening behaviour or other antisocial behaviours, or carry offensive weapons or illegal or prohibited substances or make unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings.

17.b Unauthorised trading, selling or promotion of any business, product, event or activity not approved by ourselves will result in you or other ticket holders being asked to leave the venue. This includes but is not limited to gifts and free items. Ticket holders or any representative is not allowed the pre-sale and distribution of products not approved by Henna Huddle at the conference. 

17.c Theft of any kind including event material not given as part of attending the event or any such item that is the property of the venue may also include the local authorities and if required criminal investigation or prosecution. In any such case, yourself or any other ticket holder will be required to leave the event and venue immediately.

17.d No member of the persons involved in organising Henna Huddle is liable for any conduct or action by any other attendee.

17.e No member of the persons involved in organising Henna Huddle is liable for any action, provision or service by the conference hotel and staff.

17.f The use of products not approved or authorised by Henna Huddle is not permitted and anyone found using a product may be asked to cease immediately. In the event where such instances continue Henna Huddle reserves the right to ask the person to withdraw from the event immediately without a refund.


18. We are not liable for the actions of others which includes other event ticket holders, venue staff or persons that are not authorised acting members of event staff. However, we do not seek to exclude its liability to you for death or personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or any other liability which cannot be lawfully excluded or limited.

19. These terms and conditions do not create any rights or obligations enforceable by or against anyone other than ourselves, you and, any contracts we undertake.

20. The purchase by you of tickets and these terms and conditions (and any contractual or non-contractual matters arising in relation to these terms and conditions) are governed by English law and any disputes arising out of any transaction between you and ourselves are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

If you have any questions or are confused in any way about these terms and conditions please contact Customer Services using the details set out below, quoting any order number you were given at the time of purchasing your tickets (if applicable), and we will see what we can do to help.

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